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Message from Our School Nurses

Attention Parents:

We would like to remind parents of some very important information to insure your kids stay healthy.

The flu season is upon us. If your children have not been vaccinated, it is not too late. They may still get the flu vaccine from their doctor or the public health department. Remind them of the importance of good hand washing to prevent the spread of many viruses. Good, frequent hand washing is a must to protect your child and others.

For the protection of your child and other children, please keep your child home if they have a fever. They should be fever-free for 24 hours without any fever reducing medicine before returning to school. If your child has a bad cough, has vomiting or diarrhea, or if your child has pink eye or an undiagnosed rash, they should stay out of school until treated or symptoms are gone.

Our hope is that we all have a healthy school year!! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the nurse at your child's school.  Click on the nurse's name below to send an email.

School Nurses

Name Position Phone
Tiffani Behrens District Head Nurse 815-625-6800 Ext: 1127
Tiffani Wallingford Nurse 815-625-6800, Ext: 1502
Kim Duffy Nurse 815-626-3300 Ext: 2502
Katie Wilcox Nurse 815-625-5755, Ext. 3502
Marci Osborn Nurse 815-625-1449, Ext. 5502
Judy Lendman Nurse 815-625-6402 Ext: 4502
Sheila Henard Nurse 815-625-2372 Ext: 6502