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Message from Mr. Birdsley

birdsleyWelcome to Challand Middle School. Students in middle school grow and develop at incredible rates academically, physically and socially during these years of adolescence. All of these new developments can be overwhelming for them. Our staff subscribes to the middle school concept where students are grouped in smaller groups called cores. This provides the opportunity for students to build relationships with a group of peers at their grade level and with their core teachers.

At CMS, students are challenged with rigorous academics based on the New Illinois Learning Standards. Students also are offered opportunities for activities that interest them.

Parents are an integral part of the process for student success. Research shows that a supportive home environment leads to more successful student learning. Please join us in your child's educational experience by:

  • Supporting the school's purpose by telling your child that learning is important
  • Praising your child for academic initiative and academic success
  • Talking with your child about how academic skills apply to jobs
  • Becoming acquainted with your child's teachers at parent-teacher conferences and requesting other conferences as needed


  • Attending special events at school
  • Checking your child's planner everyday
  • Encourage positive habits of promptness, cooperation, respect for authority, and respect for property

Successful teams know the rules of the game. The CMS School Handbook is a great resource for families. With nearly 800 students in our school, it is in everyone's best interest that we play as a team and follow the rules, We invite our families to participate with us in one of our most important investments - your child's education. We look forward to working with all students and their families this year. Please call 815-626-3300 or stop in the office anytime with questions, comments, or concerns about your child's education. We look forward to our partnership in your child's education.


Matt Birdsley, Principal