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PreSchool Information

If your child is 3 or will be 3 this year please attend a PreSchool screening.
Our PreSchool program is a state funded PreSchool for All Program.
Students are screened for risk of academic failure and are enrolled based on weighted eligibility criteria.

Summer Screening is on July 18th! 
Call Julie at 815-622-2093 to be make an appointment.

Fall 2019 Screening Dates have not been set

Preschool Screening Process

  1. Screener reminder letters are sent a week before screening date.
  2. Upon arrival, parents check in with the PreSchool coordinator.
  3. The coordinator verifies student name, date of birth, parent name, address and phone numbers.
  4. The coordinator has the parent fill out the screener permission form.
  5. The coordinator then asks the parent to fill out the registration packet and the parent questionnaire in the waiting area.
  6. One of the teachers takes the child into the screening area.
  7. Upon completion of the screening process the teacher shares a brief summary with the parents. The parent then meets with the parent coordinator for an exit interview.
  8. All results are scored then stored in student files.
  9. Scores reports are mailed home to parents.
  10. Upon completion of all spring screenings parent will be notified if their child qualifies for the program.

     Please bring with you to the screening:

    1. Proof of Residency (recent bill or lease with current address)
    2. Certified Birth Certificate: we will make a copy for our records.
    3. Current Physical if child has had one (if not it has to be completed within 1 year prior to entering school)
    4. Lead Screening (On physical form this should be checked and/or filled in by the doctor/health provider).
    5. Up-to-Date Immunization Records (must show proof of compliance by October 15)