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Open Enrollment Information

Open enrolling is the act of requesting a change from the Sterling Public Schools elementary building within your assigned boundary (based on your address), to a Sterling Public Schools elementary school that is not within your assigned boundary.

An example of this would be if you are living in the boundaries for Jefferson Elementary School but want to send your child to Franklin Elementary School.

Things to consider when open enrolling your child.

  1. You will not find out if the request was accepted until at least the first week of August.  This is due to enrollment numbers at each school.
  2. Busing is not an option when open enrolling.  Transportation will have to be provided by the family.
  3. The student has to be open enrolled each year during the open registration period (begins May 1st) and each year will have to wait on the request to be approved or denied.

Directions to Open Enroll

  1. Go to sterlingpublicschools.org
  2. Click on Students/Parents
  3. Click on Registration Forms and look for the Open Enrollment Form.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the District office at 815-626-5050.

These forms will be available online after May 1st, 2019.