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Kindergarten Screening and Registration Information

Kindergarten Round-Up
We have Kindergarten Round-up for students turning 5 years old by September 1st on May 16th from 6:00-7:00. You will be able to meet teachers, the principal and visit classrooms. You will attend at either Jefferson or Franklin, depending on your address. If you have questions about your attending school, please call the district office at 815-626-5050.

Click Here for the Round-up Printable handout

Kindergarten Screening
We are also screening incoming Kindergarten students. If your child attends Kiddie Kampus, Head Start, Woodlawn Preschool, CGH Helping Hands, Sterling Public Schools' Pre-K program or the Sterling Rock-Falls Daycare, your child will be screened at their preschool so you do not need to sign up for an appointment. If your child does not attend one of the above preschool programs, please call Jefferson at 815-625-6402 to sign up for a general screening on April 18th or Franklin at 815-625-5755 to sign up for a general screening on April 25th. 

Click Here for the Screening Printable handout

When your child is screened, you will also be asked to complete the registration packet which will pre-register your son or daughter for school.